Jobs Working at Kolle Rebbe

We help each other to be great.

Lots of people with lots of different skills from lots of different disciplines work at lots of companies. At Kolle Rebbe, lots of people with lots of different skills from lots of different disciplines work together. That’s the secret.

Working in Creation & Design.

We don’t believe every brilliant creative has to do everything. But every artist, designer, digital designer, technologist, concept engineer and copy writer has to be able to do one thing especially well. And there’s something everyone has to do: treat each other collaboratively, openly and with respect.

Working in Strategy.

Strategists at Kolle Rebbe think and guide. To our creatives they’re sparring partners, to our clients they’re advisors. They know how brands work, how markets are wired and why users click. They can reveal and shape the core of a brand, and if necessary reimagine it. And they’re masters of every kind of touchpoint.

Working in Account Management.

Creatives, strategists and account managers all work on an equal footing here. Efficient, intelligent and creative actions are what turn customer relationships into partnerships. What account managers at Kolle Rebbe can do. After a few years they can do more: by working with entrepreneurs and founders in an entrepreneurially inclined environment, at some point each one of them discovers their own entrepreneur within.

Working in Creative Services.

Production, final artwork, Web development, film, radio, TV and art buying are the things that turn outstanding concepts into outstanding marketing. Visible. Audible. Tangible. Alive. Creative Services is driven by the same thing as the creatives with whom it works so closely: a love of ideas.

Working beyond marketing.

IT technicians, facility managers, accountants, management assistants and service staff will get one well here if, like everyone else at Kolle Rebbe, they truly love doing what they do. And if they love working with people.

By the way: Kolle Rebbe has the best employer image among young professionals.

HORIZONT surveyed 26 to 35 year-old young professionals in the marketing and advertising industry online, to rate the employer image of the 60 biggest German advertising agencies.

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Can you learn to have ideas?

Good question. Maybe. What you can definitely learn is the tools of the trade. For example at the Hamburg School of Ideas fka Texterschmiede. If you want to work as a creative person, go there, they are good.

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