Aktion Mensch and Kolle Rebbe on an inclusive flight to Mars

New educational campaign about children and youth.

The earlier children learn elementary things, the easier they will find them in adulthood. Put another way: whatever little Johnny learns, he learns it for life. This also applies to dealing with people with disabilities. The earlier children get used to differences, the easier it can be for inclusion to succeed. This is why Aktion Mensch, Germany’s biggest social relief organisation, will be putting the spotlight on the theme of ‘Inclusion from the start’ in their communications work for the next three years.

This is kicking off with an integrated campaign created by the Hamburg-based agency Kolle Rebbe. Playing on emotions, it shows just how naturally inclusion can succeed in future if children learn today that differences are normal and enriching. At the heart of the campaign is a one-and-a-half-minute online film that whisks the viewer away into a future world in which they see children with and without disabilities in their later roles in society. Always on equal terms, free of mental barriers.

The video used is the cinematically shot film by director Claas Ortmann and the Berlin production company Bigfish. The elaborate CGI work was done by Storz & Escherich of Berlin. The music comes from Sizzer, Amsterdam.

Over the course of the year the film will appear both in the cinema and as a 30-second clip on TV. To round off the campaign there are online and social media ads, content formats, print and OOH media (photograph: Tobias Schult), as well as special advertisement material for parents, school staff and those working in children’s and youth support.

In addition to Kolle Rebbe, Crossmedia is the media agency in charge.