Cremesso and Kolle Rebbe begin nationwide campaign

Actress Annette Frier as a new brand ambassador.

  • Warm, genuine, confident: this is how the Cremesso brand of the Swiss company DELICA AG (Migros Group) presents itself in its new 360-degree brand campaign.
  • The campaign and videos were developed by Hamburg-based agency Kolle Rebbe. Crossmedia, Hamburg, is responsible for the media budget.
  • With the slogan ‘Eine Tasse ich’, the Swiss capsule system for coffee and tea aims to convey more emotion, authenticity and wordplay. The goal is to differentiate Cremesso even more clearly from the competition.
  • German actress Annette Frier is the new face of the brand and will appear on TV, in print, in social media and online as part of the media campaign.
  • In addition to the new visual direction, new products and product heroes will be put in the spotlight with the brand ambassador.

Whether espresso, lungo, cappuccino or latte macchiato – the Swiss capsule system has been undergoing constant positive development since its introduction to the German market in 2014. The brand, which is part of the Swiss Migros Group, would like to continue driving this trend this year. The key to penetration for the brand repositioning is a broad advertising campaign beginning in March 2018. ‘With the new look and a significantly more emotional communicative approach, we would like to take the brand to a new level and take over new territory. The goal in doing so is to differentiate ourselves even more clearly from the competition,’ explains Gregor Bussmann, head of sales and brand management for Cremesso International. The expertise in quality and enjoyment with a very good price–performance ratio are to be communicated in the classic media, while the customers encounter the brand in environments relevant to the target group and receive attractive offers. ‘The focus initially will be on increasing brand awareness. In the long run, however, the campaign is aimed at a clear increase in sales,’ says Bussmann. In addition to two seasonal peaks, the brand campaign will run throughout 2018 on Cremesso’s own channels in the German market.

‘The focus of the repositioning is primarily on female customers. That means that the core target group is women in their late 30s who are confident, down to earth, have a sense of humour, and who place an emphasis on quality,’ explains Nadine Göritz, marketing communications manager for Cremesso. Actress Annette Frier perfectly embodies this target group: she is the face of the new Cremesso campaign and is primarily taking on the task of communicating the ‘Eine Tasse ich’ message as the new slogan of the brand – always with wordplay and a wink. Annette Frier is absolutely convinced by the brand and the products: ‘I really like to drink coffee. Cremesso tastes great, the capsules are aluminium-free, the machine is 2.0! The perfect combination.’ And the new Cremesso brand ambassador believes that she fits well with the new campaign: ‘The Cremesso campaign is charming, self-confident and authentic. I also really like the combination of intelligent puns and creativity.’

Annette Frier rose to prominence through TV shows such as Switch, Schillerstraße and Danni Lowinski, for which she received numerous television awards. Additionally, from March 2018, she can be seen on screen in the film adaptation of Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer.

Campaign begins on TV and in print and is supported by online and social media measures
The campaign was developed by Hamburg-based agency Kolle Rebbe. Film production was realised by in-house production team Kolle Rebbe Studios under the direction of Markus Sehr. Crossmedia, Hamburg, is responsible for managing the media budget, which is a seven-figure sum. FREIBEUTER PR is responsible for the press relations work. With regard to media, the campaign will focus on TV presenter formats with Annette Frier, which will be broadcast in March and April 2018, Monday through Friday on private TV station VOX ahead of the show Das perfekte Dinner.

Print ads will be placed in selected magazines. The campaign will appear online in environments relevant to the target group such as cooking and interior design websites. For the social media portion, Cremesso will rely on its own Facebook page as well as its own YouTube channel. Additionally, the brand’s own landing page was designed and launched at

About Cremesso:
Cremesso is the international brand of Switzerland-based Delica AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Migros Group. Each year, Delica processes some 17,000 tonnes of raw coffee, making it one of the largest roasting facilities in Switzerland. In addition to many other coffee products, over a billion capsules are produced annually. Cremesso’s international strategic direction ranges, in addition to Germany and Austria, all the way to Spain, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. In Germany, Cremesso is available at Netto Marken-Discount and Edeka shops in southern Bavaria. For more information, visit