News 23-7-21
Being there without being there
Team D ToykoTree connects Olympic fans with TeamD.

The Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021 will take place without fans, families and companions. The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and Deutsche Sport Marketing (DSM), together with the Hamburg agency Kolle Rebbe, have therefore created an innovative way to connect the more than 400 athletes of Team Germany with their fans back home in a special way: the TokyoTree. This interactive implementation was made possible by Team Germany's top partners adidas, Allianz, Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and Toyota.

The installation - a reference to the Japanese cherry blossom tree - is located in the middle of the Team D quarter of the Olympic Village in Tokyo. Every greeting, every cheer and every congratulation from the fans makes the digital tree blossom. Mini printers are integrated into its branches, which print out the messages in real time, which then end up in the athletes' hands. In this way, the athletes experience the support of their fans live on site. No matter where in the world they come from.

The TokyoTree has its own Instagram profile where you can send your greetings to the tree as comments under all feed posts. The channel itself will pick up on the current daily events of the competitions and give subscribers repeated opportunities to send their personal greetings, congratulations or motivation to the athletes in Tokyo.

Alternatively, messages can also be sent via a microsite in the "German House Digital", which also pursues the idea of creating more proximity between athletes and fans via a digital solution: https://deutscheshaus.teamdeutschland

Marei Lops, Communication Manager at DSM, explains: "Nothing can replace the fans live on site, but with the TokyoTree, thanks to the top partners of Team Germany, we have created a kind of digital connection between the athletes and their "roots", the fans and families back home, from which a certain magic already emanates."

The TokyoTree will remain in Tokyo until the subsequent Paralympic Games and will also ensure that the athletes of Team D Paralympics receive important support from home during their competitions.

The installation was realised with the production partners reddo INTERACTIVE and komunique e.K. from Dresden and Cloud Nine Media from Hamburg.