News 8-1-20
“It's our nature.
And this is its beer.”
New brand campaign by Krombacher.

Like no other beer brand in Germany, Krombacher stands for sustainability and closeness to nature. This is also underlined by the brand's advertising presence, which has been consistent for years: lots of greenery, the famous rock spring water and the famous Krombacher Island have become cult. The brewery's new campaign will also be launched at the start of the new year - Krombacher is now freshening up the brand considerably. "With the new campaign, we have further developed Krombacher's extremely popular and brand-typical natural positioning and transported it into our current digital age. This has indeed demanded courage from us, but also shows a stringent continuity in our commitment to nature," says Uwe Riehs, Marketing Director of the Krombacher Brewery, explaining the motives behind the new campaign.

Traditional values, recharged
The idea, development and conception for the campaign came from the acengy Kolle Rebbe, based in Hamburg. "We are delighted to have initiated a powerful evolution for this strong brand together with the Krombacher team," says Fabian Frese, Managing Director at Kolle Rebbe. "Closeness to nature is and remains the central core motif for Krombacher - but we are reinterpreting it in a new way." The different vignettes of the new image clip show nature as it is. How it inspires, how we live with it, fight with it, protect it, but also enjoy it. And of course the famous Krombacher Island is still an important part of communication.

Nature positioning as the core of brand communication
Already in the 1960s, nature positioning was established in the brand communication of the German beer brand No. 1. The new brand campaign, which shows nature in all its diversity, marks another significant milestone in the brand history of Krombacher.

The spot was produced by Bubbles Film under the direction of Humbi Entress. The spot celebrated its TV premiere on 3 January 2020 on ARD at prime time before the 8 pm news on the daytime news and on the same evening in prime time on other high-coverage stations (RTL, VOX, Sat.1, ProSieben, Kabel Eins, etc.). It will also be shown in selected cinemas throughout Germany from 23.1.2020.

In addition, an adaptation of the spot will be distributed in an extensive moving image communication in the digital channels. This includes various streaming providers, the online platforms of TV marketers and of course Krombacher's social media channels. In addition, central motifs of the spot are also placed in print nationwide.