DAZN and Kolle Rebbe show that anything is possible in sport

A new campaign of the sports streaming service DAZN launches with the start of the European football leagues in the new season.

What can sports fans expect from a broadcaster in 2017? How do fans want to consume their favourite sport nowadays? The new DAZN campaign, with which the multisport streaming service promotes the start of the European football leagues, provides the answer.

The campaign developed under the motto “It’s time that sport fitted in with me” by the leading Hamburg agency Kolle Rebbe, questions the status quo of German sports TV aggressively. The core of the campaign is formed by twelve films that each promote a different feature of the streaming service in an emotional way. The connecting element is an outraged fan who wonders why practically anything is possible in today’s digital world, while the type of sports broadcasts is still stuck in the 90s. DAZN offers the answer to this question, by setting out to revolutionise the sports streaming market with its fair, transparent service. As a new, innovative player, DAZN disengages itself from the shackles of traditional, linear TV stations.

Kolle Rebbe, the creative forge, has developed a series of spots for this purpose that appear to be an absurd dream at first glance: an exploding Klopp, singing goats and a burning Lionel Messi. At second glance, however, it becomes clear very quickly that the key message is told in an entertaining and precise way. The spots were produced by It’s us Media Berlin, directed by Oliver Würffell.

Since the service began in August 2016, DAZN has offered more football than any other German provider: Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and, from the coming season, even the highlights of the first and second Bundesliga already 40 minutes after the final whistle of each match. But that’s not enough: DAZN has great plans and will also broadcast the UEFA Champions League live and on demand from the 2018/2019 season. “We’re really pleased that many fans have already become aware of our service in the first year of DAZN. Now we want to take the next step as a brand. In the spots developed jointly with Kolle Rebbe, DAZN speaks for the first time as a brand with the fans. On an equal footing, from fan to fan – our philosophy of “Fans First” cannot be better expressed at the start of the season. Our focus is on recognising and serving the fans’ needs – with DAZN, fans should be able to experience sport just as they want to”, Benjamin Reininger, Marketing Director of DAZN, explains.

“DAZN gives fans the possibility to take back their sport”, Thomas Knüwer, Unit Creative Director at Kolle Rebbe, gets to the heart of the campaign’s aim. He adds “It’s the fans who really make sport something special with their passion, which is why they should also be able to decide how, where and when they want to watch it.”

The first on-air date is 3 August. In addition to the films, which can be viewed as both pre-rolls on the Internet and on TV, print and digital OOH media are also used.