Experience augmented reality with the new Lufthansa campaign

Lufthansa invites you to discover the world.

The new #SayYesToTheWorld Lufthansa campaign invites you to be transported directly to exciting destinations. This is all made possible by the Open Seats augmented reality installation: participants take their seats in Premium Economy class, where they are monitored by sensors and cameras. On a 7 m2 screen, they find themselves, just like in the television advert, as a visitor in a spectacular destination. Whether it’s in India, China or the USA, visitors are able to interact in real time with a mix of animated 3D elements, actors and real surroundings and discover the destination in a playful way. This experience is the result of a sophisticated combination of skeleton tracking and depth detection that interprets the participants’ movements and converts the respective reactions into augmented reality.

The travel experiences range from a spontaneous jam session in New York to a kung fu lesson from real Shaolin monks in Shanghai. Head of marketing and communication Benita Struve says, ‘Open Seats is not just translating #SayYesToTheWorld into an interactive experience, but also represents our aim to not use technology in marketing as an end in itself, and is a way to excite, standing alone as a unique experience.’

From 22 February, visitors will be sent on a spectacular trip thanks to the experience developed by Lufthansa lead agency Kolle Rebbe and Lufthansa mixed reality agency 3spin. The installation itself will even make stops in Main-Taunus-Zentrum near Frankfurt and at Munich airport during a world tour: there’s also a stop planned for New York.