Kolle Rebbe appoints Lennart Wittgen member of the Executive Board

Lennart Wittgen is the second Executive Account Manager after Andreas Winter-Buerke.

Lennart Wittgen, who has been with Kolle Rebbe for nearly three years as Head of Floor V, is moving up in Hamburg into the Executive Board and will be the second Executive Account Manager after Andreas Winter-Buerke. The 35-year-old will be responsible for the leadership and strategy of the entire agency while, at the same time, continuing to fulfil his role as Head of Floor V. Lennart Wittgen is responsible for key clients at Kolle Rebbe, including Audi, TUI, Aktion Mensch and Ritter Sport.

“With the size of our agency and the increasingly complex challenges we face, we need a strong second Executive Account Manager. We’re pleased that we’ve been able to find a fantastic employee from our own ranks. Lennart is known here as a multi-purpose weapon, leading clients and new business safely to success. He thinks with an entrepreneurial spirit and has convinced us fully on account of his humane side too,” says Andreas Winter-Buerke, praising his new partner.

Lennart Wittgen is a graduate in business and started his career in 2007 as Junior Account Manager at Young & Rubicam in Frankfurt am Main. After this, he worked for the network as Account Director in Berlin. Here, he supported international clients such as Alfa Romeo, Land Rover, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Volvic and Accenture. He then switched to Leo Burnett, where he built up and headed the accounts department at the company’s Berlin office. While there, as Group Account Director, he also developed strategic concepts for the brand ABOUT YOU, among others, and supported the launch of the online shop. In addition to clients like Philip Morris, Goodyear, Fiat and Hakle, Lennart Wittgen supported several start-ups, including the football app Onefootball, Lendico and FashionDays.

At Kolle Rebbe, the roughly 290 employees develop integrated communication solutions for clients such as Lufthansa, Netflix, Audi, DAZN and Ritter Sport – across all media and beyond all borders. In 2016, the Hamburg-based agency recorded a turnover of 34.8 million euros. The remaining members of the Executive Board, in addition to founder Stefan Kolle and Andreas Winter-Buerke, are Ralph Poser (strategy), Stefan Wübbe (creation), Kai Müller (finances) and Fabian Frese (creation). The agency is also home of the design and innovation hub KOREFE (Kolle Rebbe Form und Entwicklung). What’s more, last year Kolle Rebbe established a joint venture with Territory: the content campaign agency Honey.