Kolle Rebbe is designing Audible’s new brand presence: ‘I am what I listen to.’

The new campaign is being launched in Germany and Austria.

More than 16 million people in Germany use audio books, audio plays or podcasts. As a leading provider, Audible wishes to build on this audio boom, which is why the Berlin-based media company launched a new, extensive advertising campaign in Germany and Austria on 16 July 2018. The new brand slogan ‘Ich bin, was ich höre. Ich höre Audible’ (‘I am what I listen to. I listen to Audible’) is designed to underline how spoken audio content enriches the everyday lives of the listeners. Audible is being supported for the first time by Hamburg agency Kolle Rebbe.
‘Germany is currently experiencing an audio renaissance. Here at Audible, we are helping to drive this development and wish to demonstrate this in self-confident style with the new TV ad and the accompanying measures. We want to use the latest campaign to highlight the fact that innovative audio content blazes new trails and can thus enrich the lives of our customers with intensive experiences,’ stresses Verena Piltz, who is responsible for the campaign in her role as brand and communications director at Audible.

Kolle Rebbe was able to secure the account after an agency screening process. Together with the Amazon subsidiary, it has developed a completely new brand presence, including a new slogan. Andreas Brunsch, executive creative director of digital content at Kolle Rebbe, explains: ‘The new campaign approach allows Audible to present the brand and new titles such as the Audible Originals in a creative and moving way on a long-term basis. Our striking campaign is showing how special audio experiences can evoke emotions and how people react to them.’ Only recently, a study conducted by University College London (UCL) based on physiological measurements such as heartbeat and body temperature established that audio books touch people more than films on an emotional level.
Audible and Kolle Rebbe wish to demonstrate with the ‘Ich bin, was ich höre’ campaign that brand building and performance are not opposing ideas. With its own productions and the extensive content catalogue, Audible is becoming an endlessly versatile source of inspiration for both the heart and mind, which is why this message is also the focus of the campaign. It visualises the hearing, imagination and individual feelings of various target groups. The faces of Audible listeners are used as a stage for the action as the dramatic effects of an audio story are cast on them up-close using elaborate CGI animation, resulting in highly individual and realistic portraits that are at times stunning, humorous, bizarre and mystical – but always striking and distinctive.

All video formats have been created by director duo Dvein and the production company Tempomedia. The elaborate CGI animation was produced by Glassworks Barcelona in conjunction with Mimic Productions. Online and social media ads, content formats and digital OOH activities round off the campaign. PLAN.Net is responsible for media planning in Germany and Austria.