Kolle Rebbe lands contract with the German Football Association during World Cup year

Teaming up on a communications campaign for women’s and girls’ football.

After making a pitch, Kolle Rebbe secured an assignment from the German Football Association (the DFB) to assist with their communications campaign for women’s and girls’ football. The goal is to get young girls excited about football, especially about actively playing football as part of a club. The particular focus is on the 8-to-16 age range and their parents.

Women’s football still gets little attention in the media and there is generally scope to develop supporter and spectator interest. At the same time, team numbers and the number of female players in the women’s division have been in continual decline for years. The new campaign is intended to counter this.

It is based on the central concept of ‘team’. ‘Friendship, cohesion and team spirit are the real driving forces that girls like about football’, explains Jochen Mohrbutter, the creative director in charge at Kolle Rebbe. ‘And team sport offers the best platform for strong friendships.’

The cross-media campaign will mainly focus on new media and social media but will also be visible in conventional media and in the context of the DFB’s home international matches, the DFB cup final and in the women’s German federal league. The campaign will kick off at the women’s DFB cup final on 19 May 2018 at the latest.

Kolle Rebbe has a good deal of football know-how at its fingertips that it can put to work. It has already developed several football campaigns for the long-standing client Lufthansa, a DFB partner, as well as for the sport-streaming service DAZN. There has also been previous cooperation with some big DFB names such as Horst Hrubesch and Mesut Özil, for former clients Google and Nike Football.