#LifeChangingPlaces: Lufthansa leverages a cross-media brand campaign to bring people’s passion for discovery to life

From the Lofoten to Africa to Mexico City: three exceptional places inspire people to travel.

On 12 September, Lufthansa is launching an integrated content campaign under the banner #LifeChangingPlaces. Developed from the perspective of digital media, the campaign’s main goal is to address people who are on the search for a life full of new experiences and variety, to involve them and inspire them to travel. As a premium airline, Lufthansa is showcased as the facilitator and partner for all travellers who value quality and reliability.

The campaign, created by the lead agency Kolle Rebbe, shows how places can impact and change our lives. At the heart of the campaign are three exceptional places which have fundamentally changed the lives of three people. Together with these protagonists, we go back in time to their #LifeChangingPlaces and let them tell their stories. The results are accounts that are even more exceptional and inspiring than the places and which inspire and involve others across all digital and social media channels. With this campaign, Lufthansa is presenting an integrated brand campaign for the first time which intelligently links content marketing with cross-media communication.

One of the three stories is about the Lofoten islands in northern Norway and the extreme photographer Chris Burkhard, who hails from California. For years, he captured surfers at the world’s most beautiful beaches, until he had an identity crisis and went on the search for something new. When he photographed the Norwegian Lofoten ice-water surfers at minus 23 degrees Celsius, he knew: “Actually, I came here to do something different. Now I know: I will never do anything else ever again.”

The other two stories are profiles of Makuleke, which turned the Berlin-based television editor Gesa Neitzel into a ranger in the Bush of Africa, and of Mexico City, where the London-based bookkeeper Thomasina Miers was transformed into a restaurant owner.

Thanks to the integrated media planning, Mindshare has been able to orchestrate the campaign’s three stories into a sequence – from 30-second clips as cinema, TV and online ads to context-based special ideas and media co-ops in digital, print and TV channels. What’s more, the entire Lufthansa Magazine for October will be published under the banner #LifeChangingPlaces. The Miles & More magazine, Lufthansa Exclusive, will feature an extensive reportage with pictures. The campaign will be supported on all dialogue-based channels.

The new digital agency for Lufthansa, DDB Germany is presenting their first campaign platform lh.com/places within the scope of this integrated and emotional campaign. Here, users can be inspired by the long versions of the protagonists’ videos and a social wall via posts and comments to #LifeChangingPlaces. The Life Changing Game also offers them the chance to find their personal life-changing place in a playful way. They can then share it with friends on the Net, talk about it with others and use it as inspiration for their next journey. And more: with a bit of luck, they can even win a trip to this precise destination. The social media agency Neuland + Herzer supported the production on-site and produced tailored content for the Facebook and Instagram channels. Instagram is the perfect storytelling channel to supplement the short films. The content will be broadcast on social channels from mid-September to early November. The inspiring stories, pictures and posts on the social hub also aim to bring users’ joy for adventure and travel to life.

Benita Struve, Head of Lufthansa Marketing Communication, explains the impact of #LifeChangingPlaces: “On every journey, there are places that are unforgettable. Many destinations have magical spots which change something in your mind. We tell stories of people who have experienced something while travelling which has changed their lives. And thus are supporting others in re-awakening their passion for discovery.”

The integrated campaign concept was developed in close collaboration by Kolle Rebbe, DDB, Mindshare, Neuland + Herzer and Territory. Neuland + Herzer supports all social media activities, and DDB in Hamburg the dialogue measures as well as the campaign platform. The responsible film production team is 27km, under the direction of Vincent Urban. The Lufthansa Magazine in print and online comes from the pen of Territory. Responsibility for the holistic media planning and the tracking concept is the media agency Mindshare.