Lufthansa launches the second round of #SayYesToTheWorld

This connecting flight places even greater emphasis on the specific cultural characteristics of individual markets.

In spring 2018, Lufthansa fired the starting shot for the brand’s visual and communicative re-alignment. The international brand campaign #SayYesToTheWorld addresses the changed demands and new meaning of travel. The messages are at times profound, at other times humorous, and represent an appeal for cosmopolitanism and joie de vivre. The campaign has enjoyed great success globally, with over 4 million interactions on social media and more than 1.5 million visitors to the website. With so much wind beneath Lufthansa’s wings, the campaign is now taking off once more with a greater focus on the specific cultural characteristics of the markets in Germany, France, Italy, the USA, India and China.

Each market therefore features its own version of new films for TV, cinema and social media. These are complemented by numerous motifs in newspapers, periodicals, magazines and on posters. And there is a renewed focus on a great variety of innovative and digital tools with which to generate even greater awareness of the campaign within the local markets. The highlights in the USA include the ‘Watson Destination Explorer’, which is the first tool of its kind to offer individualised travel tips and inspiration with the aid of self-learning artificial intelligence. In China, innovative 3D advertising spaces in Shanghai and Beijing are generating attention. And last but not least, the ‘Open Seats’ installation in Milan invites users to immerse themselves in spectacular travel experiences thanks to augmented reality.

There is also a competition on the campaign’s landing page, in which – with a little luck – participants can win a flight with up to 10 friends. The competition is advertised using various banners and online tools that encourage customers to interact with the campaign.

Benita Struve, director of marketing communication, explains: ‘All these tools make it clear that, as a modern premium brand, Lufthansa cares about one thing above all – saying YES to new approaches. Lufthansa unlocks the world for explorers.’

#SayYesToTheWorld lends a voice to people from all over the world as they tell of their wishes and dreams. This is also why each market features its own version of the advert.

The concept was once again developed by Lufthansa’s lead agency Kolle Rebbe in collaboration with partner agencies DDB, Elbind, Territory and media agency Mindshare. The film was produced by 27 Kilometer Entertainment and directed by Tatia Pilieva.