Lufthansa uses augmented reality to get people in the mood for distant destinations

Smartphones can now be used to virtually explore Hong Kong and New York.

Looking at adverts for distant destinations is always pleasant, thanks to the dreamy backdrops and exciting skylines. Now Lufthansa is using walk-in ads to enable the viewer to step right inside these destinations.

This innovative augmented-reality experience provides smartphone users with a virtual gateway to their dream destinations around the world. With their smartphones, users can move around freely as they virtually explore Hong Kong and New York.

They can control their movements using the smartphone’s motion sensors. The view of the respective metropolis changes depending on the direction in which the user looks and moves. There is always a plethora of new things to explore, just like on a real trip. And the best thing is that these dream destinations don’t have to remain dreams. They can be booked directly as part of a large-scale integrated price campaign. 100% for real.

‘Augmented reality must serve as a means to an end. We wanted to create an immersive experience that provides the user with added value. The walk-in ads are inspiring and – in a best-case scenario – lead the customer to book a flight’, states Benita Struve, head of marketing communication at Lufthansa.

To implement the ads, lead agency Kolle Rebbe and AR/VR specialist Headraft drew on the Shazam infrastructure. This means that the Lufthansa walk-in ads can be launched on the smartphone’s display without having to download and install any apps.