Lufthansa rolls out the red carpet for passengers

Special installation for Germany’s largest outdoor advertising space at the Munich airport.

Since May, Lufthansa has once again been featured on the west façade of Terminal 2 at the Munich airport with a megaposter. The advertising space, with a length of precisely 111 metres and an overall surface coverage of 2,100 square metres, is Germany’s largest outdoor advertising space and can therefore not be overlooked. And now, since 20 June, the poster has been even more eye-catching thanks to a supplementary and very attention-grabbing special installation: a 134-metre-long and 3-metre-wide red carpet rolls down from the façade to the ground of the plaza at the Munich Airport Center, thus welcoming the passengers in a very special way. The red carpet leads directly to a high-resolution rendering of the new Lufthansa Airbus A350. It is complemented by the line “Welcome – Come on in:” and the bubble “Welcome to Munich, the gateway to the world”.

“We want to show our passengers how much we appreciate them and do this with a ‘wow’ effect and in a playful way – in line with our campaign’s slogan ‘Nonstop you’,” says Benita Struve, Head of Lufthansa Marketing Communication.

The west-side façade of Terminal 2 overpowers the entire forum of the Munich Airport Center. Every passenger and visitor coming from Terminal 1 or the underground station and several car parks walk by the mega poster and see it. With over 28 million passengers a year in total, the motif thus has an enormous reach. Passengers and visitors can try their hand at walking along the red carpet up until the end of September – a reasonable wish – and post lots of selfies in the social Web.