Lufthansa says yes!

‘Say yes to the world’ is among the biggest campaigns to ever be launched in the company’s history.

This week sees the launch of Lufthansa’s global branding campaign that addresses the ways in which its target market’s needs have changed and what the concept of travel has now come to mean within society.

At the heart of the campaign is Lufthansa’s mission to inspire people to want to explore and see the world, which is encapsulated in the motto ‘Say yes to the world’. The focus of communication is being shifted from top-quality products to unforgettable experiences, with Lufthansa positioning itself as a partner to anyone who is open to trying new things and ready to view travelling as a rich source of inspiration within their lives at large.

Benita Struve, head of marketing communications at Lufthansa, explains: ‘As our target market’s requirements evolve, we need to open our minds and think outside the box here at Lufthansa. “Say yes to the world” captures a cosmopolitan attitude and a passion for living life to the fullest in a single sentence. It expresses more than just an attitude though. It is a call to action, encouraging people to question their old habits and ways of thinking and be ready to jump feet first into new and exciting experiences.’

This is certainly a statement that makes you stop and think – and that is precisely the aim of the campaign as a whole. Over the coming weeks, you can expect to be faced with a number of questions via various online and offline channels. Some of these questions are going to be deep, while others will be more on the humorous side. But the idea is that they will all remind you of how rewarding it is to adopt an open mindset as you go through life.

This theme was already part of Lufthansa’s most recent #LifeChangingPlaces campaign. And now it will be the focus of international communications within all key markets and across all media as part of the ‘Say yes to the world’ campaign. The cross-media campaign centres around a quirky animated-image format involving a couple of Lufthansa seats travelling halfway around the world.

The biggest campaign to be launched by Lufthansa in recent years will arrive over the coming weeks on TV screens, giant posters, social media channels and the digital hub as well as in newsletters and the Lufthansa magazine, attracting lots of attention and making people stop and think. So no matter where you are, you can say yes to the world.

Lufthansa’s lead agency, Kolle Rebbe, developed the concept in cooperation with partner agencies DDB, NeulandHerzer and Territory as well as the media agency Mindshare. The team at 27 Kilometer Entertainment is behind the film production, with Tatia Pilieva on board as the director.