Lufthansa to display live information in shopping centres

Data-driven digital OOH screens process real-time data.

What would you do if you came across the exact route to your own dream destination whilst walking down the street – and what’s more, with the exact journey duration from your current location?
Lufthansa is introducing an innovation in Hamburg with WallDecaux’s DigitalDeluxeNet: an advertising medium that now uses multiple sources of data to entice passers-by nationwide with concrete and targeted travel offers.

Over the course of a large-scale, integrated campaign for long-haul destinations, the leading advertising agency Kolle Rebbe has developed, for the first time, a multifaceted data-driven means of advertising that goes far beyond the typical animated billboards that had been used up until now. ‘For us, this is a big step towards adapting digital communications to the real world,’ says Benita Struve, the marketing communications manager at Lufthansa. Thomas Heinz, the manager for creative content at Kolle Rebbe adds, ‘the concept allows us to take the next steps towards using data-driven creative content on a national and international scale’.
The digital out-of-home screens show the exact route and the exact journey duration from current city to travel destination. To achieve this, the displays’ precise locations, live information for the car-sharing service car2go, as well as map data taken from Google Maps are programmed into the billboards. In addition to this, flight durations and a live flight timetable from Lufthansa’s databases are shown on screen, as well as the actual price of the flight.