Misereor and Kolle Rebbe are fighting hunger with haute cuisine

Christmas time is gourmet time – but not everywhere in the world!

Christmas time is about eating – especially at Germany’s Christmas markets. In order to raise awareness about world hunger in such an environment, you need a subtle and sensitive approach. Kolle Rebbe and charity organisation, Misereor, have achieved just that with an intelligent campaign that is getting people talking, particularly at Hamburg’s Christmas markets: in the mobile restaurant le petit appétit, starred chef Jan-Phillip Cleusters appears to be serving high-end cuisine from a puppet stand. But what at first looks fascinating and appetising quickly turns out be something rather more difficult to stomach. The miniature portions in fact contain as many calories as a starving child in eastern Africa would eat in a whole day. This information is communicated by means of a pretend receipt, which shows the number of calories instead of a price.

Dr Volker Riehl, speaker for developmental lobbying at Misereor comments: ‘This campaign makes us well-fed and prosperous West Europeans take a good look at ourselves – but manages this without pointing a finger at us. This makes visitors think about it all the more. And that’s exactly what we want to achieve’. Ursula Ritter, head of the creative team, adds: ‘Spreading awareness at Christmas about malnutrition in the developing world is a challenge. But duck burgers and red cabbage will firstly grab people’s attention and then the surprise is served after the meal.’

Kolle Rebbe developed the concept and, with the support of Markenfilm, organized and carried out the campaign. Media presence will be provided by Hamburg agency Mhoch4, which produces broadcast-ready video material and offers it to a range of publications and online platforms.