A new idea of luxury

Kolle Rebbe is developing a major campaign for Audi’s new range of executive cars.

The biggest product fireworks in the history of AUDI AG are being launched in 2018 – with a clear focus on the executive car segment. The introduction of the new Audi A8, Audi A7 and the recently unveiled A6 saloon is now followed by the A6 Avant and the new Audi Q8.
By bringing together all executive models on one campaign platform, the carmaker from Ingolstadt is breaking new communicative ground and promoting the new luxury generation with a high level of media investment. The agency Kolle Rebbe is responsible for devising and running the campaign.

The campaign slogan ‘A new idea of luxury.’ encapsulates people’s changing expectations of luxury along with the benefits of new technology. It is a kind of luxury that not only meets prestigious and aesthetic needs, but is also capable of being used in an intelligent and straightforward manner. ‘The new executive models from Audi set new benchmarks and offer the target group maximum freedom thanks to their innovative technology, progressive interior and digital possibilities,’ says Jason Lusty, head of marketing at Audi Deutschland.
‘The shared campaign platform takes advantage of synergies and focuses more clearly on the Audi brand,’ adds advertising manager Yvonne Hippner. ‘At the same time, each of the new models in the extensive range is given the due and proper amount of space by incorporating striking logos.’

The campaign includes TV, online and cinema ads as well as OOH activities and advertisements in magazines and daily newspapers with high circulation figures – sometimes involving placement in preferred spaces. More than 40 images portray each model in a distinct, modern way. The vehicles have been photographed by Simon Puschmann; Harvest was responsible for the post-production. The campaign is being rolled out online with a special website, programmatic banner ads, website events, online videos, various special formats and numerous social media activities.

On film, Kolle Rebbe has opted for storytelling. ‘A somewhat traditional “Mr Must” in various forms embodies the guilty conscience that pops up in our minds with supposedly good advice – representing a conservative idea of luxury and success,’ says Fabian Frese, head of creation at Kolle Rebbe. ‘To his dismay, however, “Mr Must” is deliberately ignored by our protagonists in a light-hearted way.’
The films were directed by the Swede Tomas Jonsgarden and produced by Markenfilm. NHB contributed to the sound design.
The campaign culminates in a major dealer event at the start of September under the motto ‘Next-Level Luxury’, which will also be promoted by a series of radio ads.