Audible – Die juten Sitten

Golden Twenties.
Dirty Truths.

Audible’s original radio drama “Die juten Sitten” is set in the harsh reality of a brothel that actually existed in 1920’s Berlin. The launch campaign focuses on maximum authenticity through historical production conditions.

Back to the twenties with Bullet Time

The protagonists of the radio play in analogue 360° snapshots.
Captured by a self-built construction of 100 pinhole cameras.

Historical equipment

Photo production with collodion plates, a common photographic process in the 1920s.


“When whores tell the truth, clients have to swallow.” Billboards on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg.
Guerilla style billboards in Cologne and Berlin



Audible is Germany’s leading provider of spoken audio content. Emotional campaigning shows that brand building and brand performance are one and the same.

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