Lufthansa – Follow the Plan

Out-of-home by the data highway.

Digital out-of-home screens show the exact route and the precise travel time from your location to the destination. For this purpose, the underlying software processes a variety of live data and information.

To be able to show the exact route from the display to the dream destination, the site coordinates of the displays, real-time data from mobility providers like car2go and map data from Google Maps is processed. The departure times and the current ticket prices can be requested in real time from the Lufthansa databases.

In this way, a digital out-of-home medium uses a variety of data sources for the first time to provide pedestrians with particularly specific and targeted travel offers – extensively, in several cities worldwide.

“For us, this is an important step towards also translating digital communication into the real world and going further as regards data-driven creation.”

Benita Struve, Head of Marketing Communications at Lufthansa



As the global lead and digital agency, Kolle Rebbe has been staging Lufthansa's communications in over 58 countries since 2011. Since 2018 with the new brand promise “Say yes to the world”.

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