Bundesagentur für Arbeit – What’sMeBot

Career advice via WhatsApp.

A chatbot for pupils still exploring what they want to do in life. Short questions help them to discover what career they are best suited for - and make it easier for them to get career advice.

The bot.

YouTuber Julien Bam poses eight questions taken from pupils’ everyday life and let’s the teens answer them via emojis. Afterwards, each user receives a profile card with their personality and initial career recommendations.

The campaign website.

On the Typical Me website, the teens discover mroe about their personal career profile, can look over the shoulder of current apprentices and receive concrete proposals of apprenticeships which are most suitable for them.


Bundesagentur für Arbeit

The German Federal Employment Agency evolved from a grey government authority into a modern service provider. Integrated campaigns, corporate design and digital services meant you could see and feel the transformation.

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